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Rug Cleaning

One of the neatest things that have been created is area rugs to place on the floors of our homes. The rugs come in all shapes and sizes to fit that perfect area. Rugs are also made of different materials. The most popular rugs are made of wool. This creates a problem when having to clean the rugs.

As you know wool shrinks in warm water and will change colors when certain cleaning solutions are applied. Our rug cleaning service in Memphis, TN will be able to look at your rugs and tell you the best way to provide unbeaten carpet rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Methods

Some rugs only require what is called rug dusting, especially if the rug is fairly new. This is the mildest rug and carpet cleaning method available.

Another method is applying a slightly moist powder to the rug and worked in. The powder absorbs the soil. Once it is dry, the rug can be vacuumed with a powerful commercial vacuum.

You can also apply a fine mist of a special cleaning agent, worked in and after about 30 minutes it is vacuumed. The idea of this method is that the cleaning agent encapsulates the dirt allowing it to be vacuumed.

Steam Cleaning

A third method is water extraction. It is safe and is probably the most thorough method of area rug cleaning and it is the best method for carpet stain removal. The cleaning agent is worked into the pile, then, rinsed with a neutralizing agent. After the rinsing, our technicians will use a lightweight rotary rug cleaning machine equipped with special pads to absorb most of the remaining moisture.

All of these methods are safe for your area rugs and will be done by trained and professional carpet cleaners. Give Carpet Cleaning Memphis professionals a call at 901-405-4807, have them take a look at your carpets and rugs requirements to best evaluate the appropriate technique to be used on them.

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