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Water Damage Restoration

A lot of factors play into water damage restoration. How horrible is it when we have had a heavy rain and all of a sudden there is a brown spot on your ceiling or if you see moisture forming on a wall? Not a lot of fun to think about. Don't fret though, as we have ways to help restore your home to its original beauty.

What is done depends on what has already happened. If you have sheet rock damage, first the source of the leak has to be located and the leak stopped. A water barrier can be applied and the sheet rock replaced and painted. The same process is used for walls and is used for ceilings. Sometimes, there is no leak; it's just condensation from your air conditioning unit. But again, the source spot has to be located and stopped.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Service

If you washer or hot water heater causes flood damage, you need to get the water up fast. Call us quickly and we will have the right water extraction equipment to get your home dry again.

The same happens if a pipe bursts in the bathroom or kitchen. If the water is not gotten up fast, there will be lots of water damage to your flooring and upholstered furniture. There is special equipment available that can speed up the drying process. Large fans are used to dry the area quickly after the majority of the water is extracted.

UCM Services Memphis will have lots of remedies to help solve your water damage as well as giving you advice for keeping it from happening again. Be prepared and act quickly if you find questionable areas that could be damaged by water. You will be pleased with yourself and the fact that you will be taken care of in case you need water damage restoration.

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