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Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you look at the tile in your bathrooms and kitchen, does it look the same as when it was first installed? Is the grout as white as it was years ago? Probably not, even though we clean the tile and grout on a regular basis, the tile and grout still will change colors over time. A lot of our mops are just not designed well enough to get both the tile and grout completely cleaned.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Memphis has the steam cleaning tile grout equipment and products to clean your tile and bring your grout to a brighter color. First, we will make sure your tile grout was sealed properly when it was installed. If it was not sealed, some chemicals can cause further damage to your grout and then to your ceramic tile.

One of the products that are used is Ammonia. Once your grout is vacuumed completely, a mixture of ammonia and water is mixed and applied to the grout with a stiff brush. Then a clean cloth is used to remove any excess cleaner. Then the tile grout is mopped to remove any ammonia residue that might be left behind.

Another method for tile and grout cleaning is to use a mixture of borax and lemon juice. Again, the cleaner is applied with a stiff brush. One advantage to this is that it leaves your bathroom smelling lemon fresh. The mixture is cleaned up with a commercial vacuum.

Green Tile & Grout Cleaning

The following green cleaning method is used if the home dwellers have allergies to strong cleaning agents. Baking soda is much gentler, but one of the negatives is that it might not be strong enough to clean tile and grout that has been dirty for many years. The baking soda is mixed with warm water and then scrubbed into the grout with a stiff brush. The tile and grout is then rinsed and vacuumed completely.

Being your local service provider in Memphis, our staff will be able to discuss the details of each of these tile and grout cleaning methods to decide which is best for your needs. Call Carpet Cleaning Memphis right away: 901-405-4807.

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